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Have you ever dreamed of being surrounded by Color Club nail polish? Sally Beauty Mexico made that dream a reality for lucky event attendees last week. Giant nail polish bottles decorated the dance floor while party goers were treated to Color Club manicures and nail art. If you didn’t attend the party, check out the coverage below and on Instagram.










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The Color Club team concluded yet another successful showcase at Cosmoprof North America! If you weren’t able to attend, no need to worry! In this blog post we will be sharing our favorite highlights from the show.


Here at Color Club we believe in high quality lacquer. From bold neon’s, radiant holographics, and lustrous glitters, there’s a lot we have to offer! Here’s a sneak peek at our new fall and winter 2018 collections; all available in lacquer, dip, and gel!

Meet Your Match (Fall 2018)

With 18 diverse nude shades to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll find your perfect match! This collection includes a biotin-infused formula for maximum shine, strength and durability.

Star Studded (Fall 2018)

Consisting of 12 beautiful matte shimmers in a variety of shades, our new Star Studded collection is the best of both worlds. Inspired by zodiac signs, this collection is perfect for nail fanatics who love a pop of color with a unique balance of matte and shine.


Hypnotic Hologram (Winter 2018)

Our classic lacquer loaded with holographic glitter? Yes please! Our new Hypnotic Hologram collection is a show stopper. With 6 hypnotizing shades to choose from, you’ll be sure to mesmerize whoever crosses your path.

Love Me Love Me Not (Winter 2018)

A new twist on classic crimson, our Love Me Love Me Not collection features 6 creamy shades that are bound to make you fall in love over and over.

We also featured our Spring-Summer 2018 collections at the show as well! (Pictured: Halo Chrome and Halo Crush)

That wraps up another successful show! If you were lucky enough to attend, please feel free to share your favorite moments in the comments below! Make sure to look for Color Club at next year’s Cosmoprof North America and follow @colorclubnaillacquer on Instagram to stay up to date!

Color Club Nail Art Stamping Plates are now available at!

Color Club Nail Art Stamping plates make nail art easy once you have your technique down pat. Instagram nail blogger @nailartbyjen is a pro. Check out her tutorial with the Color Club Tribal Plate. Need a little extra help? Check out our expert tips and tricks below.


  1. Remove protective sticker
  2. Apply Nail Lacquer on to selected design
  3. Remove excess nail lacquer with scraper at a 45-degree angle using a quick sweeping method and LIGHT pressure.
  4. Use stamper to pick up the design with a firm and rolling motion
  5. Apply the design onto the nail using a firm and rolling motion
  6. Apply Top Coat to seal the design for a longer lasting result

Tips & Tricks

Prep the stamper by wiping the rubber with acetone or alcohol one time. (Don’t do it multiple times)

Be sure to be quick so that polish doesn’t dry. Once it’s dry the stamper can’t pick up.

It is important to use light pressure when removing excess polish with your scraper. Too much pressure will remove too much polish which will then dry too quickly and not pick up properly.

Apply the stamper directly down onto the plate firmly and pull away quickly. Don’t press and hold. Same goes for when applying to the finger.

Clean the residue from the stamper with tape. Don’t use acetone as it can eat away the surface.


Robert Nguyen has 10+  years in the nail industry as a salon owner, nail technician, celebrity manicurist and reality television finalist. He currently owns the 2,300 sq. ft super salon, House of Polish, located in Beverly Hills, California. His celebrity clients include Teri Hatcher, Mel B, and Missy Elliot. Robert specializes in detailed nail art and nail portraits and his work has been featured in countless magazines including Nails, Viet Salon, and NailPro as well as the nail-focused reality series Nail’d It. We are excited to share Robert’s trade-secrets in a continuous Q&A series. Have a question for Robert? Leave it in the comments below!

What nail art trends do you see gaining popularity in the coming months?

I think we will be seeing a lot more variations of the nails from last year. There are some really interesting things like negative space, ombre, shards, stamping, and a ton of charms. I don’t think these are quite ready to go out of style and we will continue to see these type of designs. However, I think we will begin to see different twists on them and maybe even combining different styles together. I’m excited to see edgier styles as people get more comfortable with wearing nail art.

What nail art would you recommend for beginners?

Things like water marbling are not only fun to do but also pretty easy as well. You can achieve this look by getting a small disposable cup and filling it with room temperature water. Take a few of your favorite polishes and add drops of them to the water. Give it a nice little mix with a toothpick and dip your finger to transfer the design. If you are feeling adventurous I recommend trying masking tape designs. You can mask off part of the nail using tape and polishing a different color creating crisp straight lines.

Gel vs. Lacquer, which do you prefer to work with? 

I will always choose gels over lacquers when doing designs. Gels are more forgiving than lacquers. Since gels don’t dry until they are cured, I am able to make sure the artwork is perfect versus lacquer which dries or thickens after a short period of time. Also for the customer, wear time of gels are so much greater than lacquer- for me its a win win situation.

If you could only add one Color Club treatment to your assortment, what would it be?

I absolutely love the Color Club 0-60 Quick Dry Top Coat. It dries at record speed with a high shine. It is perfect for the salon client or the DIY nail artist at home. It is definitely in my bag for set work and at my nail station in the salon.

How can you prolong the life of your manicure?

Aside from using a quality base coat I recommend every few days applying another layer of top coat. Not only will it refresh the shine of the manicure but also help the longevity of your manicure. Another tip would be to use cuticle oil as often as you can to prevent dryness in the fingers which can cause the skin to split and cause hang nails.