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Cleanse + Moisturize, Before & After Treatment Duo

Cleanse + Moisturize, Before & After Treatment Duo

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Before & After Treatment Duos: We’re streamlining nail care with Color Club’s Before and After treatment series. We’ve taken the perfect pair and combined them into one multi-purpose, double sided tool.

Cleanse: Squeaky clean nails adhere to treatment and color for longer-lasting, chip-resistant manicures.

Tired of chipped nail polish and lackluster results? The number one reason for decreased wear time is due to improper nail prep. By removing oil and debris from natural nails, you are ridding the surface of excess moisture and residue and ensuring a perfectly prepped, blank canvas to paint on.

Directions: Brush onto clean, manicured nails before a base coat is applied.

Moisturize: Give tired cuticles a dose of hydration to instantly condition and protect nails.

A unique blend of soybean oil, quinoa extract and vitamin F work together to lock in moisture, nourish, protect, and revive dry cuticles. A light almond fragrance lingers after use to help relax tired minds.

Directions: Massage 1-2 drops on cuticles and nail contours. Tip: Wash and dry hands thoroughly if nail polish or base coats are to be applied after use.

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